Why Insulboot®
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he Most Cost Effective Way to Insulate
Bus Bar and Switchgear Connections in the Industry.

Don't tape it™

• Applying tape could take hours
• Removing tape could take hours
• Reapplying tape could take hours

InsulBoot it!™
• Install InsulBoot® electrical insulating bus bar & switchgear
  boot plastic coating in just minutes
• Remove InsulBoot® switchgear and bus bar boot
  electrical insulation plastic coating in just minutes

You Can Spend Hours Taping It...
Or Save 's And InsulBoot® It.

Insulboot® is an insulated, pliable, plastic moulded coated boot that can be installed, removed or replaced – in just minutes.

Used for bus bar insulation and switchgear insulation. Our plastic switchgear and bus bar boots (switch gear and bus bar systems) have been the product of choice of top manufacturers of electrical insulation.

Whether you need a specific bus bar rating, standard configuration or a customized design, our many years of experience, high standards of quality and technical expertise makes us the number one choice for switchgear insulation and insulated bus bar boots.

• Thousands of Standard Insulation Boots Available
• High Dielectric Strength
• Easily Installed or Removed as Often as Required
• Customized Switchgear and Bus Bar Calculation
   to Fit Your Connections
• Wide Temperature Operating Range
• Complete with Fasteners
• Durable
• Inexpensive
• Colours most popular are Red, Black, Gray and other
   colours are available
• Free bus bar design

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Bus bar boot insulation and switchgear boot insulation.
What bus bar and switchgear boots look like before and after applying the insulated bus bar and switchgear covering.